Car Camera Recorder

Discover our 4K Dash Cam

Here at Nextbase, We have created the most advanced in-car camera systems with the brand new 622GW car camera. Our newest car camera is equipped with the latest dash cam technology including crystal clear 4K recording, image stabilisation and built-in Alexa capabilities.

New Features

Discover our 1440p Dash Cams

Along with great image quality, our in car cameras also come packed with amazing features such as parking mode, emergency SOS, responsive touch screens, and, of course, the ability to connect with your smart devices via wifi.

Car Camera Recorders For All

Discover our 1080p Dash Cams

No matter your budget, our car camera recorders will protect you in an event of an accident. All of our car cameras have 1080p capabilities so you never have to worry about missing even the smallest details of your journey.

Benefits of using a In Car Camera

An in car camera enables you to protect yourself on the road by providing you with cold hard evidence in the event of an accident.

Discover our Front and Rear Car Camera Modules

Create a bespoke car camera experience with our Nextbase Modules. Modules allow you to attach a second camera to your main camera, giving you a full vision of your surroundings.

In Car Camera FAQ

An In Car Camera, otherwise known as a "dash cam" or "dashboard camera", is a device that fits in either your front cabin or rear window and lets you record your car journeys from start to finish.

These car camera recorders are becoming more popular for car owners in the UK and around the world owing to their extensive in-built capabilities and insurance fraud protection.

Prices of in-car cameras vary depending on the model and accompanying features.

Nextbase has cameras from different price points starting at £49 with the Nextbase 122 up to £240 with the Nextbase 622GW car camera, great for wannabe dash cam owners of all budgets.

There are plenty of reasons to use an in car camera both when your vehicle is in transit or parked.

One of the most common reasons people use camera recorders in their car is to collect first-hand evidence in the event of an accident. This evidence can then be used in the case of a court trial.

Others use in-car cameras in order to watch back their journey and improve their driving.

Yes! Nextbase car camera recorders are designed specifically for ease of use, perfect for anyone, even those with very little technical expertise.

Installation is made extremely easy with our Click & Go Pro™ powered magnetic mount, allowing you to get going with your car camera right out of the box. In a matter of seconds, you are ready to go!