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What to look for when buying a dash cam?

6th September 2018

With so many people seeing the benefits of owning a dash cam it’s not surprising that there are lots of different models to choose from to suit all budgets and requirements. We are going to look at the key components to help you choose the right cam for you.

If you are buying a dash cam the most important feature is video quality. If a camera can capture a number plate then it can prove vital should you need it as evidence. Generally more expensive cameras have better video quality thanks to their better sensors and lenses.

  • High Resolution

Dash cams with high resolution pictures and anti-glare lenses are a must to keep the image quality high. Footage that is fuzzy or unclear due to headlamp glare will not help your case in court where a driver has crashed into you and drove off because pictures of the number plate are unclear.

  • Storage

All Nextbase dash cams save the footage to a MicroSD card, and due to the high quality of data that is being written to this card it is essential that a high speed, good quality card is used. We recommend the SanDisk brand of card, at least class 10.

A 32GB card can store approximately 4 hours of footage, which for most people is more than enough due to the fact that the camera loops and will always have your last 4 hours of driving. However the top of the range cameras can take cards up to 128GB.

  • Sensors

At the heart of every dash cam is the sensor. This turns the light coming into the lens into data to make up the video. Nextbase work directly with the top sensor manufacturers like Sony to get the very best quality sensors, which is key to providing that crystal clear image.

  • Wide Dynamic Range and High Dynamic Range

These two features are one of the key reasons that Nextbase dash cams are reviewed so highly versus other brands and are able to provide clear images at night and in bright conditions.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) found in the 312GW and above, allows the dash cam to combine multiple images at different levels of brightness to create one improved image. So if you are driving in the shade, then come out into the sun the cam will automatically adjust the video to make sure it is always recording the optimum image.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) found in the 512GW and above and similar to WDR it allows the camera to process more light on the sensor, and therefore produce a more vibrant image. This is a special process achieved on the latest CMOS sensors that can achieve amazing footage in difficult light conditions such as bright sun or night time driving.

  • Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is included on any Nextbase dash cam that has a “W” in the model number, such as the 312GW and this allows you to view and transfer the files directly to your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) without the need to connect the dash cam to a PC.

This makes it easy to review footage if you ever have an incident and send it directly to your insurer using the free Nextbase Cam Viewer App.

  • Mounting System

The Click & Go powered magnetic mount is exclusive to Nextbase and was designed by our team in the UK to make fitting your dash cam simple and easy.

By having the car power cable going into the mount it means that the dash cam itself can be wireless, it simply slots in and out of the mount with ease with the aid of inbuilt magnets.


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