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Share Nextbase footage with the hashtag #driveshare for the chance to win a Nextbase 222 and $222!

30th September 2019

What have you seen on your Dash Cam? Crazy crashes? Hair-raising near misses? Beautiful scenery? Weird and WTF moments?

We’re always on the lookout for more examples of how Dash Cams help drivers like you with real-life moments on the road, so today we’re running a contest: Share your best Nextbase footage with us to enter for the chance to win a Nextbase 222 and $222! 

Your entry won’t just offer you a chance to win — it could also help inspire more drivers to protect themselves and make our roads a safer place.

We’re looking for all kinds of footage. As you may already know, in the event of an on-the-road incident, Nextbase footage can act as your independent witness and be used in your defense if you’re wrongfully accused. It can help alleviate insurance headaches and speed up the claims process. But we’re on the lookout for less serious submissions, too.We love using Dash Cams as a unique, easy way to collect all the beautiful (and funny!) things we see while driving: awe-inspiring sunsets, scenic drives, families of deer taking their sweet time to cross the street… the list goes on. There’s no way of knowing what you might encounter on a long drive, but a Dash Cam makes the perfect way to capture some of your favorite road trip memories. We’d love to see Nextbase footage of yours.

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