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Nextbase Lauded as Wirecutter’s Best Dash Cam of 2019

31st October 2019


Most people become interested in having a dash cam after they have been in a car accident and experienced the messy process of proving blame for insurance. When people are not present or make for unreliable sources, a Dash Cam can be the only way to protect yourself. With the Dash Cams category growing in popularity due to increasing awareness surrounding the usefulness of video proof as an independent witness in the event of an incident on the road, Nextbase has been receiving praise on top tech product review sites across America.

After testing Dash Cams for the preeminent review site Wirecutter, Lead Editor Rik Paul wrote an article detailing his findings and the importance of Dash Cams for the New York Times, titled “Dash Cams That Can Back You Up in an Accident.” Trying more than 40 dash cams over his 25 years of testing car electronics, he outlined the features that make a great Dash Cam, of which the Nextbase 522GW was given the top honor as The Best Dash Cam of 2019.

The most important aspect for any Dash Cam is its video quality. While many are outfitted with plenty of high-tech bells and whistles, the most basic function is also the most important, making sharp video definition the first box to be checked when considering potential options. The best quality is usually cameras that record in 1440p or 4K resolution, with a considerable drop off to the most common definition of 1080p. Nextbase’s top end models the 522GW and 422GW both shoot in 1440p and have the sharpest quality that Paul tested.

Paul rounds out the rest of his elements to consider when buying a dash cam with easy-to-use controls, a versatile windshield mount, and owner reviews and ratings. The 522GW and 422GW both ranked at the top of these categories as well, with the powered click and go mount system making it easy to remove or reinstall the dash cam and the large responsive touch screens providing simple controls. He also praised the MyNextbase app and Nextbase Emergency SOS feature as icing on the cake for Nextbase’s position as the Best Dash Cam on the market.

Another feature that separates Nextbase is the optional Rear and Cabin Camera Modules you can attach for additional coverage of your car.

Faced with the prospect of recommending a more affordable Dash Cam, Wirecutter outlined the issues with anything priced at under $100. Cheap body construction, poor video quality, problematic electronics, and hard to use controls make such budget options generally not worth the couple dollars saved. However, Nextbase’s 222 was mentioned as a good basic option that still provides solid 1080p video image quality for its price.

So, whether you’re in the market for a top of the line Dash Cam to give you everything you might want in a co-pilot, or you’re just looking for a camera to protect yourself in the event of an accident, Nextbase is proud to be the leading Dash Cam option no matter your budget this year.

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