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Nextbase featured in AP News and NerdWallet

14th October 2019

Nextbase featured in AP News and NerdWallet article on Insurers and the technology they’re using to entice motorists

As the Dash Cam industry continues to grow both with consumer interest and with technological advancements, insurers and drivers are relying on the video evidence Dash Cams provide to stand as the irrefutable source in proving non-fault, streamlining and expediting claims processes, and saving both sides valuable time and money overall.

Having pioneered the first-ever Dash Cam brand partnership with insurers in the UK and Europe to offer Dash Cam policy discounts for customers with Nextbase Dash Cams in their vehicles, we’ve been eager to replicate that successful model here in North America.

Ahead of our exciting upcoming news of our progress with insurers in the United States, we reflected on an article we contributed to with AP News and NerdWallet in 2018 that focused on the latest automotive technology insurers are using to entice motorists and meet their demands now and in the future.

Director of Nextbase, Richard Browning, shared jarring statistics and insight on the benefits of Dash Cam video footage can serve for drivers when involved in an incident on the road. Dash Cam footage ensures drivers can easily provide insurers an unbiased, first-hand look into the moment of impact after an accident, something most drivers wish they had after the fact. With revolutionary technology in Nextbase Dash Cams, drivers also have access to key telemetry data pertaining to the moment of impact, such as speed, coordinates and GPS tracking and G-force sensor readings. This is a notable differentiator for Nextbase, which is able to ensure its customers have the most accurate and precise details available, all easily accessible through their MyNextbase Player software.

Over a year after we spoke to AP News, our most recent studies show that insurance claims can be resolved a staggering 65% faster when submitting Dash Cam footage than without, further validating the benefits for motorists, rideshare drivers, and small business fleet owners.

From the insurer’s perspective, having customers who own smart Dash Cams like our range considerably reduce time, cash and resources during the claims process, in addition to verification of loss facts, reduction of estimated inflation, easier determination of liability, estimating total loss and assisting subrogation negotiation.

North American drivers in the United States and Canada are quickly catching on to this trend, and Nextbase is very close to sharing some exciting news regarding this insurer/Dash Cam partnership!

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