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Nextbase headlines Mashable’s 2019 list of Best Dash Cams

6th November 2019

No matter your comfort level or amount of time spent behind the wheel, a Dash Cam can help your peace of mind immensely. While you hope to never need the footage it captures, if something does happen you have the protection to avoid the unnecessary stress and inconvenience caused by dealing with the financial ramifications of a car accident.

With an excess of options, choosing between all the different brands and models can feel like an impossible task. Luckily, Mashable has reviewed the Dash Cams available on the market and has outlined the best for a variety of categories. While the basic function of all Dash Cams is the same, there are some choices you need to make before you purchase one. There are some that are small and compact, some that can detect if something happens to your car while its parked, and some that incorporate high tech features to satisfy any gadget nerd. Even the most inexpensive of Dash Cams have important features that make it better suited to record your driving. Mashable has created this list to steer your decision making in the right direction, and Nextbase Dash Cams are at the top of their recommendations.

While their list is broken up into categories based on a variety of aspects like “Best Value for Two Views” and “Best for Less than $50,” only one Dash Cam is mentioned as the Best Overall Package, away from the specific qualifiers and boundaries of price: Nextbase’s 422GW Dash Cam. Mashable touts it as a great all-rounder not only due to its top-notch video quality but also because of its innovative features and high-tech extras all for just over $200.

The 422GW is also cited as “Best for Voice Commands” and the Nextbase 222 for “Best Value from a Big Brand,” respectively. They praised the 222’s ability to perform the basics brilliantly, and the 422 GW’s extra features such as Alexa Built-In and Emergency SOS. The only brand to occupy the top spot in two different categories, Nextbase emerges from Mashable’s review as the clear choice no matter your parameters when buying a Dash Cam.


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