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Best Buy Welcomes Nextbase Dash Cams to their stores

30th September 2019

We know there are plenty of Dash Cam brands on the market — so what makes Nextbase stand out? In a recent video interview, a Best Buy representative highlighted all the exciting features that make Nextbase much more than just another Dash Cam.

As explained in the video, Nextbase Dash Cams feature cutting-edge technology that produces superior image quality, with up to 1440p HD resolution and a 140° viewing angle. That means your Nextbase Dash Cam can capture more of what’s happening on the road, with crystal-clear detail that can eliminate confusion. When you review the footage, that image quality can make all the difference.

It’s not only about the image itself, though. All models come with Intelligent Parking Mode, which triggers the Dash Cam to automatically begin recording if movement is detected around the vehicle. It even works to protect your car when it’s parked and you’re not around.

As the representative explains, a variety of Nextbase Dash Cam models make it easy to choose the features that are right for you.

Models from 322GW and above all feature Emergency SOS, which will automatically alert emergency services if a severe collision is detected and the driver is unresponsive. You can even pre-load your medical history as an added precaution. Of course, we hope no driver will ever have to use this feature, but it can make all the difference in the event of an incident, and provide you with added peace of mind whenever you’re on the road.

Models 322GW and above also include GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth, so users can connect directly to the MyNextbase Connect app to view and edit videos with just the click of a button.

Models 422GW and up come with Amazon Alexa built in, so you can ask Alexa to control your Dash Cam, get directions, control your smart home devices, and so much more – all without ever taking your hands off of the wheel.

No matter which model you choose, your Nextbase Dash Cam will make the perfect road trip buddy. You can drive confidently with the knowledge that you’re recording high-quality footage of the road ahead.

Nextbase Dash Cams are now finally available in the United States, after becoming the leading Dash Cam brand in the UK. They’re the trusted choice of many drivers; Nextbase has sold more than two million Dash Cams globally.

You can find the Nextbase Dash Cam that’s right for you at Best Buy stores nationwide and online at

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