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A strong reception for the brand

29th January 2020

Since launch into the US market last summer, Nextbase has been hard at work educating motorists as to the benefits of having a Dash Cam. They’re not just a nice tool for recording picturesque scenery, after all, but an innovative technology that can be of real benefit; from improving your driving experience, to reducing the hassle of dealing with your insurer in the event of an incident, to potentially saving lives.

Much of this understanding has been generated by media coverage of Nextbase’s entry to the market and stand out spots, like the product being on the Ellen Degeneres Show, have driven this awareness. Multiple awards across the US market, such as the 522GW being crowned ‘Best Dash Cam’ by Wirecutter, have also fuelled our reputation as the world’s leading manufacturer.

CES 2020 was no different, with the unveiling of the 622GW gaining considerable traction across the technology and wider media landscapes. Journalist visitors to the Nextbase Booth were hugely impressed by the new innovations and the team took great pleasure in talking through these with a variety of media from different sectors and different worldwide markets. Media from as far afield as Australia were interested in what we had to say.

Stories immediately cropped up on the likes of Techwelike.com, Gstylemag.com and  Techdigest.tv to name but a few, whilst major news channels like Yahoo!, Marketwatch.com and the International Business Times also carried the announcement, circulating the news to a potential audience of over 200 million.

But we won’t rest on our laurels; the positive reception of the 622GW at CES 2020 has only motivated us to work harder to continue to dominate the various global markets in which Nextbase operates.

CNET Road Show “Best Features of New Smart Dash Cams”

New world-first Dash Cam features in the Series 2 models now highlighted by CNET these include the Emergency SOS and Alexa voice features.

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522GW wins T3 Award for Best Dash Cam 2019

Just weeks after their new Series 2 522GW won Honest John’s Dash Cam of the Year, Nextbase further reconfirmed their position at the top of a very competitive Dash Cam Market by taking home the very prestigious T3 award for Best Dash Cam 2019, also for their New Series 2 522GW.

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Rear Module FAQs

There are three Nextbase Rear Camera Modules which are compatible with Nextbase Series 2 Dash Cams. You need a 322GW, 422GW or 522GW Dash Cam if you want a Rear Camera Module.

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