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522GW wins T3 Award for Best Dash Cam 2019

12th July 2019

Just weeks after their new Series 2 522GW won Honest John’s Dash Cam of the Year, Nextbase further reconfirmed their position at the top of a very competitive Dash Cam Market by taking home the very prestigious T3 award for Best Dash Cam 2019, also for their New Series 2 522GW.

T3 noted the highly esteemed shortlist made it a difficult decision but ultimately the Nextbase 522GW came out on top due to a range of innovative and potentially lifesaving features, including many world’s firsts & never before seen features in a Dash Cam.

When explaining why the Nextbase 522GW won the award, apart from being “a master when it comes to the basics”, T3 stated “It’s the first dash cam available in the UK with Alexa built-in, so you can play music, find parking, control smart home devices and make calls whenever you want, without taking your eyes off the road. There are also hugely impressive safety features, such as Emergency SOS, which will alert the emergency services to your location in the event of an accident. This feature is potentially lifesaving, and is ultimately the reason the 522GW took the T3 Award.

Nextbase are extremely proud winning this award as it affirms the work they are doing is helping day-to-day drivers feel more confident on the roads, that if they are involved in an incident they would be able to prove fault in the form of Dash Cam footage, rather than have a hearsay dispute with the insurance company and/or other driver involved. Find out more on how to save a few bucks in an insurance claim!

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