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522GW honored as “One of the Best Dash Cams of 2019” by Forbes

19th August 2019

Just after Nextbase launched their award-winning Series 2 Dash Cams range in North America for American and Canadian motorists, the 522GW Dash Cam was honored by Forbes as “One of the Best Dash Cams of 2019”.

In this article, Forbes elaborates on the many benefits of owning and installing a dash cam. As technology develops, recent Dash Cam models often include a variety of features in addition to recording unbeatable quality footage. Forbes has listed Nextbase’s 522GW Dash Cam in a compiled shortlist of the best Dash Cams on the market in 2019.

The Series 2 Dash Cam range from Nextbase stands out in the article with its use of Alexa integrated into the devices. Forbes explains how the feature “means you can operate it using the reliable Amazon chatbot and even have it do other things like control music, check the weather or check in at home.” The 522GW also provides a bigger touchscreen with 1440P video resolution for quality recording and viewing, as well as the first-ever potentially lifesaving Emergency SOS feature that alerts emergency services of your location within seconds to dispatch help in the event of an incident while driving.

Nextbase is honored to have been featured in Forbes’ article, and is continuing in their mission to create safer and more reliable travel on the road for all drivers across the world.

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