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Support, FAQs, tutorials and documents for our Dash Cams.

Dash cam support

Software downloads

Our latest Dash Cams are also compatible with our innovative software and app that ensures even more functionality from your Nextbase Dash Cams.

Cam Viewer

The Nextbase Cam Viewer App is completely free to download and is available for Android and Apple iOS. The app works directly with the latest Dash Cam models (312GW, 380GW, 412GW, 512GW, 612GW, Mirror and Duo HD), and allows you to connect your Dash Cam to your smartphone or tablet using the inbuilt Wi-Fi connection. Along with a live view of the Dash Cam you can download all videos (high or low res) to watch again on your device. And if you ever need to send any recorded footage to your insurers or the police, or just want to upload to social media, the app also includes easy video sharing.

Compatible models: 312GW Dash Cam512GW Dash Cam612GW 4K Dash Cam

Replay 3

Our new Replay 3 software comes with the latest easy-to-use editing capability to allow you to edit and share your own footage on PC or Mac. The software also includes key information about your drive, including date, time, speed and even GPS location via Google Maps.

Compatible models: 212 Dash Cam312GW Dash Cam512GW Dash Cam612GW 4K Dash Cam