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Night Vision

How does night vision work in dash cams?

Dash cam night vision is enhanced with features such as Wide Dynamic Range and High Dynamic Range to improve the quality of images at night. Additionally, Nextbase uses Sony Exmor sensors which help increase picture clarity for night time driving. This can prove beneficial for capturing number plates and signs for evidence in the vent of an incident.

What is the best night vision dash cam?

The current best Dash Cam for night vision is the Nextbase 612GW. Apart from recording at stunning 4K resolution, it has all the features needed for increased night vision. This includes the Sony Exmor R Sensor to capture and process more light, as well as a Seven Optics Lens for clearer imagery.

HDR and WDR not only work to improve the contrast in the image, whilst maintaining clarity, but also to ensure images processing in bright and dark light to enhance night time vision.

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