256GB U3 Industrial Grade microSD Card

256GB U3 microSD Card - 622GW Elite Only

The Nextbase microSDXC card is a U3 Ultra High Speed card, ensuring video data is written smoothly and allows the Dash Cam to capture the road ahead in full HD, 1440p or 4K quality. Included in the pack, the microSD-to-SD adapter allows you to easily read the files on your laptop or home computer.

With a capacity of 256GB, the microSD card will record approximately 16 hours of HD footage before the Dash Cam overwrites the oldest recordings, or eight hours if using a rear-view module. This provides you with enough capacity to capture any incident and ensure you have the evidence you need.

The U3 speed is required for 4K recordings and Dash Cams with Rear View Camera modules attached.

Please note that this 256GB card is only compatible with the 622GW Elite Dash Cam

256GB U3 Industrial Grade microSD Card