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NEW 622GW Dash Cam

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The best Dash Cam is now even better, with more features and innovation than ever before.

We’ve done it again, bringing a host of World’s first features to our new 4K Dash Cam to make your journey safer. The 622GW is more accurate, faster, more powerful and critically has a better image quality than any Dash Cam currently available.

A revolution in Dash Cam technology

Nextbase 622GW
4K Image Quality

With ultra-clear 4K recording at 30fps to capture those finer details. It also has the option of 1440p at 60fps or 1080p at 120fps.

Nextbase 622GW

The world's first Dash Cam with what3words to precisely show your location.

Nextbase 622GW
Image Stabilisation

Another world's first, digital image stabilisation built in for super smooth video.

Nextbase 622GW
Super Slow Motion

View your footage in Super Slow Motion and see all the critical details.

Nextbase 622GW
Enhanced Night Vision

Quite simply the best 4K Dash Cam at night ever produced.

Nextbase 622GW
Extreme Weather Mode

Helping you capture critical details in misty and foggy conditions.

4K Image Quality

The 622GW records in top of the range 4K quality at a full 30fps. When trying to make out finer details or capturing that all important number plate, 4K recording quality is as good as it gets in a Dash Cam. While your Dash Cam records at 4K, your Rear Camera Module can still record in full HD quality of 1080p at 30fps, covering your car from multiple angles and giving you greater peace of mind.


Lost? - In need of assistance but don’t know where you are? We can help. By partnering with what3words we can provide you with your exact location to a 3m square location. This can be shared with the emergency services to quickly precisely locate you. That’s not all, what3words normally requires a data connection to work, but by embedding the system into the Nextbase 622GW you can be safe in the knowledge that even if you run out of data you can still make that call and give your location.

Image Stabilisation

In a Dash Cam first, the 622GW features Digital image stabilisation to greatly reduce vibrations from your vehicle and provide a super smooth, crystal clear image. This means when you playback 622GW footage it will be unwavering, allowing you to see finer details such as number plates signs and critical details.

Super Slow Motion

Super Slow Motion is an upgrade on our previous Dash Cams ability to play in slow motion. Now you can view your 622GW footage in Super Slow Motion at 1080p and 120fps. This feature is ideal to help identify what happens in an incident and capture details such as number plates, vital for proving fault.

Enhanced Night Vision

At Nextbase we recognise the enhanced danger that comes with night-time driving and we have introduced improvements in both the sensor of the 622GW as well as software developments to ensure that the 622GW records all the critical details, even on the darkest roads. The new sensor used in the 622GW has larger pixels, allowing more light into each one, plus the camera automatically detects light levels and enhances the image as its being recorded.

Extreme Weather Mode

Fog is a major cause of road traffic incidents in the UK and the ability to “see through fog” could prove vital in identifying vehicles and number plates where you wouldn’t be able to without this feature. Whether you are involved in or witness an incident in misty conditions this is the only Dash Cam which will use its inbuilt algorithms to provide the clearest image.

Nextbase 522GW award winning dash cam

NEW 622GW Dash Cam

The best Dash Cam is now even better, with more features and innovation than ever before

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NEW 622GW Dash Cam Features

10x GPS

The most accurate dash cam on the market today

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Technical specs


4K @ 30fps
1440p @ 60fps
1080p HD @ 120fps


3” HD IPS Touch screen

Viewing Angle



6 layer f1.3




Hyper - 5GHZ


Yes - Bluetooth 5.0

Polarising Filter




Emergency Response


Intelligent Parking Mode


Module Compatibility

Rear View Camera,
Rear Window Camera,
Cabin View Camera
Front - 4K Rear - 1080p

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