Click & Go iPad Mount

The ideal in-car iPad solution


The Nextbase iPad Mount uses patented Click & Go technology for easy connection

Nextbase iPad Active Car Mount – work, play & recharge on the move.

Nextbase introduces the world’s only iPad active car mount for enjoying car journeys at the back seat of your car adopting the patented Click & Go™ technology.

Nextbase’s Click & Go iPad Active Car Mount provides a safe and neat way for rear seat passengers to use an iPad. When going on a long journey simply slide your iPad into the car mount where it will automatically plug-in so you can work, watch or play while re-charging your iPad. Passengers can enjoy great sound via optional infrared head phones. Another outstanding feature is the built-in iPad camera connection kit which supports USB flash drive and card reader. Photos can be easily transferred from your camera to iPad anytime, anywhere during journeys.
(Click & Go cable free mounting system included)


Nextbase Click & Go System

Nextbase’s innovation, Click & Go system, is an automotive safety tested mounting system offering superior convenience and design factor to mount Rear Seat Entertainment systems like Nextbase iPad Active Car Mount and Nextbase In-Car Click DVD players. The whole system is tested to be safe in your car and be easy to use. It can be installed in most cars in just a few minutes. After the initial installation the user can slide in and out DVD players or iPad car mount without connecting any cables.


  • World’s first Cable Free removable and Safe System.
  • Leverage all the power of your iPad with the unique features of Nextbase’s iPad Active Car Mount – enjoy movies, play games, reading books, listen to music and navigate your way while your iPad recharges ready for it’s next task.
  • Transfer your pictures directly to your iPad while off on your holidays.
  • Equipped with our iPad camera connection kit, the iPad Active Car Mount gives you the power to transfer your photos from your camera to your iPad at the touch of your finger tip, while on your long vacations.
  • Safety tested to meet the highest standards.



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112 Dash Cam

212 Dash Cam

312GW Dash Cam

412GW Dash Cam

512GW Dash Cam

612GW 4K Dash Cam


Mirror Dash Cam

Picture Quality

Clarity of footage is essential to pick up important details when driving


Nextbase Dash Cam range in resolution, from 720p HD through to ultra HD 4K resolution for stunning results

720p1080p1080p1440p1440p4KDual 1080p1080p
Night Vision

This is important in order to capture number plates and road signs during night time driving

GPS Logging

This records accurate speed and location data for your Dash Cam, which can be vital in the event of an accident

Reflection Free

Inbuilt polarising filters help to dramatically reduce windscreen glare and reflections on recordings

Wifi Enabled

This enables you to download and share footage directly to your phone or tablet using the Cam Viewer app

Twin Camera

Offers all round protection with both front and rear recording

32GB Micro SD Card Record Time4hrs4hrs4hrs2hrs2hrs1.5hrs
U3 Class Required