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What are new drivers’ biggest fears?

14th November 2019

A new survey of 1,501 drivers has revealed the most feared aspects of driving. Driving can be a scary experience for those less experienced. Passing the driving test is just part of the learning curve, your driving education never really ends but the steepest curve is after you pass your test and you’re out driving by yourself. Safety is at the forefront of priorities when developing our Dash Cams but also hugely important after the product is bought. Nextbase have created an online safety portal where Dash Cam users can submit footage of reckless driving, crime, crashes, etc. to the relevant police force that users the portal, it is called the National Dash Cam Safety Portal (NDSP).

Top 10 biggest fears of new drivers (1,500 driver survey)

When you first start to drive as a teenager or a young adult it is a nerve-wracking experience, for you and your love ones. How can driving be made safer for our less experienced motorists? A Nextbase Dash Cam. A Nextbase Dash Cam improves your peace of mind while behind the wheel, knowing everything happening on the road in front is recorded. This means if you are involved in an incident that wasn’t your fault you have evidence to prove your innocence that you can send to your insurer or even the police if need be. Now protect your vehicle from behind with Series 2 Rear Modules, compatible with the 322GW, 422GW & 522GW.


Statistics from Motoring Research via MSN. com

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