Our Top 3 Dash Cam Clips of The Week

14th September 2018

It’s getting colder and darker day by day and we know that you’ve all been waiting for Friday and our cracking selection of the top three Dash Cam clips on the internet this week. You’re truly in luck as today, we’ve even got a bonus clip to offer!

This week we have a car disappearing in a puff of smoke, a driver getting clipped and a white van going rogue. As a bonus, we’ve even found a truly shocking case of road rage.

Seeing such incidents recorded on a Dash Cam remind us of the importance of having an independent witness on the roads. Whether it’s road rage or reckless driving, it’s important to have an independent witness in the case of an incident.

Check out the videos below and have a good weekend one and all.

Puff of Smoke

It seems like this car shouldn’t be allowed on the roads anymore…

White van ram

That’s definitely not safe!


Wait for it…

Bonus Clip

A truly nasty case of road rage!

Here at Nextbase, we’ve been producing Dash Cams for the best part of 20 years. Since we formed in Surrey back in 1999, we’ve gone on to be firmly established as the UK’s favourite Dash Cam manufacturer – with over 80% of all Dash Cams purchases bearing the Nextbase brand.

We pride ourselves on making the most advanced Dash Cams on the market, able to record the best quality footage to give the best chance of capturing incidents and car number plates. And it’s why, along with our bold innovation, we remain resolute in ensuring our products are quick to install and easy to use, for everyone.

Yet ahead of everything else, road safety remains our number one concern. Studies have shown that drivers with Dash Cams take more care when driving, and we’re actively working with the UK’s police on ways to make our roads safer. In fact, footage recorded on Nextbase Dash Cams is being increasingly used in court to convict dangerous drivers.

If you find any interesting footage which you think should be included in our weekly round-up, tweet us at @NextbaseUK and we may feature it on these pages.

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