Our Top 3 Dash Cam Clips of The Week

27th July 2018

It’s finally Friday and we know that you’ve been waiting patiently, keen as mustard to catch sight of the best Dash Cam footage on the internet this week. You’re in luck, because this week we’ve got some cracking content! From helicopters to car thieves, there’s nothing a Dash Cam will fail to capture on the road. Just remember to stay safe and aware on the roads, as you never know what might be coming around the corner…

Check out the videos below and have a good weekend one and all.


I bet the driver thought he was in trouble for a minute there!



It’s never fun when a truck driver decides to play dodgems on the road!

Car vs Cyclists

Did he steal that car just to terrorise cyclists?!

Here at Nextbase, we’ve been producing Dash Cams for the best part of 20 years. Since we formed in Surrey back in 1999, we’ve gone on to be firmly established as the UK’s favourite Dash Cam manufacturer – with over 80% of all Dash Cams purchases bearing the Nextbase brand.

We pride ourselves on making the most advanced Dash Cams on the market, able to record the best quality footage to give the best chance of capturing incidents and car number plates. And it’s why, along with our bold innovation, we remain resolute in ensuring our products are quick to install and easy to use, for everyone.

Yet ahead of everything else, road safety remains our number one concern. Studies have shown that drivers with Dash Cams take more care when driving, and we’re actively working with the UK’s police on ways to make our roads safer. In fact, footage recorded on Nextbase Dash Cams is being increasingly used in court to convict dangerous drivers.

Yet despite all of this overwhelming evidence, if you still remain to be convinced about the value and importance of having a Dash Cam in your car, then you’ve come to the right place. Because here on these very pages every week we’ll be showcasing our Top 3 Dash Cam videos. We guarantee that after watching only a handful of these clips – from the unbelievable, the preposterous to the downright dangerous – any Dash Cam cynics will be fully converted.

If you find any interesting footage that you think should be included in our weekly round-up, tweet us at @NextbaseUK and we’ll take a look. And don’t forget, if you and your Nextbase catch something interesting or dangerous, do send it in via our site here, and be entered into our monthly prize draw.

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