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Rear Module FAQs

3rd September 2019

I want a Rear Camera Module, which Dash Cam do I need?

There are three Nextbase Rear Camera Modules which are compatible with Nextbase Series 2 Dash Cams. You need a 322GW, 422GW or 522GW Dash Cam if you want a Rear Camera Module.

How is the footage from Nextbase Rear Camera Module’s stored?

The footage is stored on the SD card in the Dash Cam. For example, the 32GB microSD card records approx. 4 hours of Dash Cam footage, or 2 hours if using a Rear Camera Module. 64GB records approx. 8 hours, or 4 hours with Rear Module. 128GB records 16 hours, or 8 hours with Rear Module. If you have your smartphone set up with the app the footage can also be seen here.

How do I install the Nextbase Rear Camera Module?

The Rear View Camera & Cabin View Camera can easily be installed by clicking it into the side of your front facing Nextbase Dash Cam model. The Rear Window Camera comes with a 6 metre long cable that connects into the Dash Cam itself. The cable can be easily hidden under the roof lining, out of view, minimising potential distraction or obstruction of view.

What resolution are the Nextbase Rear Camera Modules?

When you are using a Rear Camera Module the resolution of your front camera will automatically adjust to manage the two high resolution video files of the Dash Cam and the Rear Camera Module. The options for these settings are: 422GW & 522GW: Front/Rear – 1080p/1080p OR Front/Rear 1440p/720p. 322GW: Front/Rear 1080p/720p. This is the same for all three Nextbase Rear Modules.

What is the viewing angle of the Nextbase Rear Camera Modules?

The Viewing Angle of the Rear Window Camera & Cabin View Camera is an impressive 140°. The Rear View Camera uses a 30° telephoto lens and give you a view similar to what you see through your front rear-view mirror.

Which Nextbase Rear Camera Module is best for me?

The Rear Window Camera is slightly more difficult to install as it does have a cable that runs through the car and connects to the Dash Cam. However, it is the best at capturing what happens directly behind your vehicle with an impressive 140° Viewing Angle.

The Rear View Camera is easy to install and very discreet. It shows a view much like you would see through your rear-view mirror.

The Cabin View Camera is easy to install and very discreet. It is designed for those who want to capture what is happening in the back seats of the car as well as out the back and side windows.

Can I attach multiple Nextbase Rear Camera Modules to my Dash Cam?

No, you can only connect one rear module to a Dash Cam at any time.

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