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Nextbase partner with Red Driving School

4th March 2020

What is the deal?

Nextbase have partnered with Red Driving School to save you money on your driving lessons. When you buy a Nextbase Series 2 Dash Cam, save at least £123 on your exclusive RED 22-hour lesson package.

Both firms say they hope the partnership will help educate new drivers on how technology can help them on the road, as well as provide them with evidence should they ever be involved in an incident.

How does this offer work?

Nextbase buyers can use the Dash Cams serial number to unlock the exclusive 22-hour lesson package here.

Step 1: Once on RED Driving Schools ‘New Student’ page, you need to enter the student’s details and click next step.

Step 2: At the foot of the Packages page click the ‘Partnership Promo code’ button.

Step 3: Enter the 9-digit product serial code that’s printed on the Nextbase product which will reveal the exclusive 22-hour package.

Terms and conditions on the RED Driving School page here:

The product includes RED’s introductory “two for one” offer, which means that it’s only suitable for a new learner. Existing RED customers will be ineligible.
The Nextbase serial code will be validated by RED and can only be used once.
The offer only applies to new Nextbase products purchased in the period of January 2020 to September 2020. The deal applies to both manual and automatic lessons.

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