Introducing the two latest members of the Nextbase team…

21st March 2016

We’re delighted to announce two new products to the Nextbase dash cam range – the 212 and the 312GW!

The 212 Lite

The Nextbase 212 is the first of its kind to include the innovative Click&Go Magnetic Powered Mount. Its ease of use and competitive price point reinforces Nextbase’s position as the most popular dash cam brand in the UK and makes the 212 perfect for the younger driver. With an all-new design, the 212’s Powered Magnetic Click&Go Mounting system uses magnets and powered touch points in the mount, allowing the dash cam itself to be free from wires, making instant removal and re-application of the device simple and quick – the ultimate in convenience. Its 1080p HD footage filmed through Six-Element Sharp Lenses make it the best HD dash cam at its price point- an ideal choice for the newer driver.

Visit our product page for more information on the 212 dash cam.

The 312GW

The 312GW is the dash cam solution for new or experienced motorists who want instant upload capabilities to social media, or their insurer. Market leading thanks to its connective capabilities and ease of use, this new dawn for dash cams simply reinforces Nextbase’s position as the most popular dash cam brand in the UK. The device features inbuilt Wi-Fi, allowing you to download footage to a smartphone before easily sharing it with friends, family, an insurance firm or the police. After using the Wi-Fi to connect to an iOS or Android device, the Nextbase app becomes your personal mobile store for footage you want to keep and share. Whether that’s because of being involved in an incident, you were witness to somebody else being involved in an incident or there was something interesting captured by the dash cam. The 312GW also includes the brand new Click&Go Magnetic Powered Mount, alongside the same great image quality that Nextbase dash cams are renowned for.

Visit our product page for more information on the 312GW dash cam.

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