Major insurer bids to discount drivers with a Nextbase dashcam!

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First major insurer now offers discounts to all motorists using a Nextbase dash cam

1st October 2014

AXA and Swiftcover could also offer you varying discount depending on your details when you use a Nextbase Dash Cam.

Halfords is the exclusive retail partner to this landmark deal and has expanded its range of in car cameras to include a new entry-level model – the Nextbase 101 costing just £49 – alongside existing models like the 402-G that was awarded a ‘Best Buy’ recommendation by Which? In 2014. Dashcam owners not only make a saving on their insurance premium but believes that the high quality images from these products could significantly improve supporting evidence for its policyholders and allow it to potentially prove liability in claims where this is disputed. Therefore, motorists involved in an incident that wasn’t their fault could save hundreds of pounds by preserving their no claims discount and saving on their insurance excess.

Roman Bryl, Product Manager at, explained:

“Reducing the cost of premiums for responsible motorists is what every insurer should be doing. We believe that by using a dashcam and being able to accurately and quickly establish who was at fault, we will save money and therefore motorists will significantly benefit from lower premiums and more responsible driving.” He continued: “Dashcams, or in car cameras, have become more prevalent as cash-for-crash fraud has increased. It has resulted in a huge number of claims resolved by ‘knock for knock’, where no fault can be proven and therefore both motorists lose their excess which negatively effects their no claims discount. “As a result, we’ve seen a huge increase in sales of dashcams, now at an all time high, so this year we’re predicting that dashcams will be the ‘must have’ gift for motorists.”

Already widely used internationally, Halfords reports that dashcams are now becoming extremely popular among UK motorists – a trend that insurance savings of this significance is likely to fuel.

Halfords automotive category director Dave Poulter added:

“The peace of mind that dashcams offer all drivers has already driven a 320 per cent surge in sales across the business. With new products coming in that cost less than £50 and the backing of a major insurer offering significant savings, these helpful gadgets have just become even more desirable to motorists. “We have experienced 500% year on year growth in dashcam sales online – making in-car cameras one of the most frequently searched for product categories on our website”.

Find out more about our dash cams by visiting our products page. To buy a dash cam, visit one of a number of retailers – including Maplin, Currys and Halfords – currently stocking Nextbase products.

If you still have questions, get in touch with us as we’d happily talk you through more. Our contact details can be found here.

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