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Car Crash Britain: Caught On Camera

1st May 2017

Car Crash Britain: Caught On Camera : Episode Guides

Car Crash Britain: Caught On Camera: Episode 1

Thursday the 4th of May at 9:00pm

The first episode in this returning four-part documentary airs on Thursday and includes shocking road incidents, jaw-dropping driving and unbelievable near misses. The series kicks off with a man who could hold a world record for the tightest parallel park, miraculous survival from motorway smashes, and a runaway tractor crashing into the garden of his ex-wife. Due to the increased popularity of dash cams, all the footage in this series has been provided by people closest to the action.

Car Crash Britain: Caught On Camera: Episode 2

Thursday the 11th of May at 9:00pm

The factual series continues with more real-life footage filmed by motorists and pedestrians on Britain’s roads. The second episode will include a near death experience when a woman’s vehicle smashed into her office. We also see more parallel parking disasters and a very unfortunate new driver. Once again, thanks to Dash Cam footage at the centre of the action you can expect a front row seat.

Car Crash Britain: Caught On Camera: Episode 3

Thursday the 25th of May at 9:00pm

The drama continues this week, with more real-life footage caught on film thanks to Dash Cams and smartphones in the centre of the action, both on the motorways and on country roads across the country.
This episode involves a pretty terrifying aquaplaning incident, a lucky escape with a man nearly taken out by an unsecure van load, and yet more road rage. Tune in to see experience the drama up close.

Car Crash Britain: Caught On Camera: Episode 4

Thursday the 8th of June at 9:00pm

The fourth and final episode in the factual series looks at more incidents on the UK’s roads, which have been captured by dash cams, smartphones and CCTV.
Some of the footage in the final episode includes a dramatic incident when a woman crossed the road, some shocking parking and a hairy balancing act when an HGV was driving through high winds.
To see all-new footage from centre of the action, tune in to the final show at 8pm.

You can see the full range of dash cams featured on the show here –

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