Some of the worst days of the year for car crashes are in December, weirdly enough so are some of the days with the fewest incidents. Using 7 years of their own data, Admiral reveal that the month of December includes 6 of the 10 worst days for car crashes, but Christmas day has the fewest collisions of any day in the year. A Nextbase Dash Cam is a perfect present to protect your loved ones this Christmas and beyond into 2020. The Series 2 range have the perfect plug and play Dash Cams at entry level prices (122 and 222), middle of the range 322GW with Emergency SOS, and top of the range 422GW and 522GW with SOS and Alexa

10 days of the year with the highest number of road accidents


1st 18 January
2nd 5 December
3rd 1 December
4th 16 January
5th 30 November
6th 14 December
7th 15 December
8th 4 December
9th 7 November
10th 12 December

December is a month of two halves, December features 6 of the 10 quietest days of the year for car crashes and they are all in the second half of the month. The worst day in December, the 5th December, has 277% most car incidents than on the 25th December.

10 days of the year with the fewest road accidents


1st 25 December
=2nd 26 December
=2nd 1 January
4th 30 December
5th 31 December
6th 2 January
7th 2 January
8th 31 March
9th 28 December
10th 8 April

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August is the busiest month of the year for traffic, but November and December are the busiest months for urban roads. This is likely due to the increased amount of Christmas shopping which is predominantly done in urban areas. As well as this, the large majority of people in the UK live in urban areas so those travelling to friends and family in urban areas, as well as those travelling out of urban areas contribute heavily to this traffic.

Reasons motor accident rate is high for some days in December

More people on the roads – whether you are visiting friends and family, or doing your Christmas shopping, many people take to the roads.

Worse weather conditions – when road conditions are adverse, drivers are deterred from driving and often avoid driving if possible. Incidents do occur as the road might be slippery and visibility might be

Driving under the influence – in the lead up to Christmas about 4/10 crash fatalities over this period included at least one drunk driver. People have more time off work in December, with more time to relax and celebrate more drinking occurs, which leads to more people driving on the roads over the legal limit.

Stress – this Christmas period can be quite stressful for some people. Trying to balance their work life with an increased number of non-work commitments as well as work commitments such as social events and a busier period in the build up to Christmas. Doing shopping and getting ready to visit family or have family over can also be stressful.

Car accidents in December
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