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Best-in-range dash cam launches: the 512-G

15th September 2015

  • Only dash cam to have innovative polarising filter to completely remove windscreen glare and reflections.
  • 512-G features a new image sensor alongside a 6-layer glass lens providing unbeatable footage quality.
  • New GPS chip is five-times more accurate than average dash cam GPS technology – sending more tracking signals per second than ever before

At £179.99 RRP, the in car camera boasts a number of firsts for Nextbase, and the dash cam market. A groundbreaking new polarising filter removes all windscreen glare and reflection while a new image sensor, combined with a Six-Element Sharp Lenses, provides unrivalled image quality. The 512-G is, in our opinion, the best dash cam on the market. Before the arrival of the 512-G, every dash cam on the market suffered from loss of some footage due to light conditions will inevitably mean that some moments of recording will be lost.

Increasingly, motorists are using footage to prove that they weren’t at fault during incidents so visual quality is a vital component of the purchasing decision. Insurers are also recognising this now, with 29 of the UK’s major insurers now accepting in car camera dash cam footage as part of an insurance claim. Furthermore, there are immediate financial benefits for motorists using a dash cam.

AXA and Swiftcover could also offer you varying discount depending on your details when you use a Nextbase Dash Cam. According to independent GfK data, 59% of all dash cams sold in the UK are from the Nextbase range.

Richard Browning, director at Nextbase, commented:

“The 512-G signals a new generation of dash cam. We’ve listened to consumers who noted that crystal clear image quality on an in car camera is vital. Having added a host of new features to ensure that the 512-G stands head and shoulders above others in the market, we believe the 512-G will be the best dash cam on the market for some time to come. “Glare and reflection can result in poor and distorted footage no matter how good your dash cam. But the polarising filter in the 512-G completely eradicates this problem completely – the first, and only dash cam in world to do so.”

The Nextbase 512-G is available at £179.99 from any UK Halfords store, or online. Halfords also offer a WeFit service, where they fit your dashcam for you, any way you like.

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