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20 Reasons to buy a Nextbase Dash Cam in 2020

2nd March 2020

  1. Protect you and your loved ones by having evidence to prove fault in the case of an incident.
  2. Have greater peace of mind while driving knowing you have your Dash Cam as an independent witness.
  3. Nextbase are the largest Dash Cam company in the world and have won the most awards affirming their position at the top of the industry.
  4. Save your No Claims Bonus and avoid 50/50 settlements which often occurs when there are no witnesses and neither party can prove fault.
  5. Get cheaper insurance by having a Nextbase Dash Cam. Most major insurers accept Dash Cam footage as a form of evidence in an insurance case.
  6. Ask your Dash Cam for directions, to play music, what the weather is like, and much more with the Alexa-built-in 422GW & 522GW Dash Cams.
  7. Be able to film forward-facing with our Dash Cam but also rear-facing with our Rear Camera Modules (must have compatible Dash Cam).
  8. Capture nice scenery wherever you drive, in the form of videos, photos or time-lapse.
  9. Potentially life-saving Emergency SOS will alert emergency services of your location and other details in the event of an incident in which you are unresponsive.
  10. Intelligent Parking Mode protects your vehicle while it is unattended by recording any detected physical movement or bumps on your auto-mobile.
  11. GPS proves where you where and when you were driving.
  12. Dash Cams make us all better drivers. They make you more aware of your own driving habits and more aware of others around you
  13. Share footage with your friends, insurance or police easily with MyNextbase (Software, App and Cloud)
  14. Submit footage to your local Police force with the Nextbase National Dash Cam Safety Portal
  15. Protect yourself against potential fraud, scams and crash for cash scandals
  16. Use a Nextbase Rear Window Module as a parking camera to help you get in those tight spots and improve your parallel parking
  17. Deter criminals from causing damage, vandalising or stealing your vehicle with a Dash Cam.
  18. A Nextbase Dash Cam is a great present for your friends and family as a fun and practical gadget!
  19. The Nextbase Cabin View Camera is great for taxi drivers and private hire drivers to protect themselves and record what happen inside their vehicle.
  20. Dash Cams can be used all over the world, and Nextbase are established in a large variety of countries, including the UK, US, Europe, Australia, Canada and more. Take your Dash Cam to protect you when driving in any firing countries.

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