Dash Cam insurance gets you 15% off van and fleet premiums

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15% off your van and fleet premiums with Dash Cam insurance

15th July 2016

We’re proud to continue to expand our partner Dash Cam insurance services for the benefit of responsible and honest UK motorists by announcing our partnership with van and fleet insurance specialists, constructaquote.com. Nextbase Dash Cams have become the most popular Dash Cams in the UK thanks to our dedication to quality while making something specifically for the UK motorist. Swiftcover and AXA were quick to see the benefits for motorists and today, we’re proud to announce our partnership with constructaquote.com – a specialist van and fleet insurance firm. As of today, all commercial customers that secure an insurance quote through constructaquote.com will benefit from 15% off their policy when a Nextbase Dash Cam is installed. An average van insurance premium in the UK of £700 means customers can easily make a saving of upwards of £100 on their policy, while a business with a fleet of ten vehicles could save over £1,000.

Dash Cams are the fastest growing consumer electronics gadget in the UK

The benefits of having a Dash Cam installed have been reflected by the exponential increase in sales. In 2015 alone, Dash Cams were the fastest growing area of consumer electronics, according to data from independent retail analysts GfK. The popularity of on-board cameras is spreading to the UK SME market as fleet owners begin to recognise the multiple benefits of owning a Dash Cam. Constructaquote.com, a specialist van and fleet insurer, offers small-to-medium sized businesses with access to a range of commercial products. They have been active in the market for over 25 years, and have provided more than 160,000 policies in the process. Lyndon Wood CEO of constructaquote.com added: “We have worked hard with Nextbase to deliver a great customer product and experience, that really does help in keeping insurance costs down. We have the same culture of honesty and keeping our customers happy which is why I am really pleased to be working with Nextbase on this strategic partnership”.

Dash cams can save you and your business thousands of pounds

We look forward to saving motorists money, while keeping them safe and secure on UK roads by being their independent witness.

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