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Why does your business need Nextbase Dash Cams?

Investing in Nextbase Dash Cams for your fleet is a worthy investment. Doing so can help your business save money on motor insurance; help resolve incidents that involve your vehicles; minimise the likelihood of theft, and protect your vehicle when unattended with Intelligent Parking Mode. Nextbase Dash Cams also give you peace of mind and a way of monitoring your drivers’ behaviour. The Nextbase product range offers not only the widest choice on the market but also the most advanced and innovative in the industry. Nextbase’s pioneering Series 2 range offers world’s firsts and never-before-seen features in a Dash Cam – Alexa, Emergency SOS and AutoSync. Nextbase are honoured that their 522GW has been awarded Dash Cam of the Year 2019 by T3 and Honest John and named a Which? Best Buy.

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Why Nextbase?


20 years of getting to know our customers

Formed in Surrey in 1999, two decades later Nextbase are now firmly established as the UK’s favourite and most popular Dash Cam manufacturer – more than 80% of Dash Cams on the UK roads are Nextbase Dash Cams (GFK statistic). With so much experience in our field, we know exactly what our customers want from their Dash Cams and from us, this is why we remain on hand to help our customers at all times, with our Head Office and Technical Support Team still based in the UK’. Nextbase are proud to boast the most technologically advanced Dash Cams, whilst still maintaining the core backbone that has been key to their success so far – small and compact Dash Cams, that are quick to install and easy to use, able to record the best quality footage.


Tried and tested technology

Our range of Dash Cams offer not only the widest choice on the market, but also the most advanced and innovative in the industry. Our pioneering designs, including a lot of world’s firsts and never-before-seen features in a Dash Cam – Alexa, Emergency SOS and AutoSync. We’re not afraid to push the boundaries on what is possible, with fearless innovation behind everything we create. Our new range of Series 2 Dash Cams and Rear Camera Modules have received prestigious awards, great reviews and created a lot of noise within the Dash Cam industry. We have over 115 patents and registered designs worldwide covering the Series 2 Dash Cams, Mounts and Modules.


Award-Winning – Over 60 awards and counting

There’s no doubting that we love our Dash Cams, but our customers and independent judges agree too, as our rave reviews and awards demonstrate. We’ve won over 70 product awards over the years with the likes of Auto Express, The Sunday Times and Which? handing some of their most prestigious prizes to Nextbase Dash Cams. Our latest range of Series 2 Dash Cams have won prestigious awards, having their 522GW being crowned Dash Cam of the Year 2019 by T3 and Honest John, and 222, 322GW, 422GW and 522GW announced Which? Best Buys.


Why does your business need our Dash Cams?


Worthwhile investment

Investing in Nextbase Dash Cams for your fleet is definitely a worthy investment. Doing so will help your business save money from insurance companies, help resolve incidents that involve your vehicles, minimise the likelihood of theft of your vehicles & from your vehicles, capture any damage to your vehicle even when parked with our Intelligent Parking feature and also giving you a way of viewing and monitoring your drivers’ behaviour on the road. Dash Cam users can also find their own driving behaviours improving as their actions and driving speed are recorded on the Dash Cam. Research undertaken by Aviva found the reasons Dash Cam users think other motorists should use one as well.




Fleet manager benefits


Dash Cam footage has proved an effective way fleet managers can monitor their drivers’ behaviours. Footage can also help them improve the overall risk performance of their fleet. In the unfortunate event one of your vehicles is involved in an accident Dash Cam footage, used as evidence, can drastically speed up the time it takes to settle a claim and thus reduce the period your damaged vehicle is out of action.


Insurer benefits

Most insurers now accept Dash Cam footage as evidence when settling claims. Dash Cam footage provides evidence of what happened to cause an accident and can often prove who is at fault. Dash Cams are a vital piece of technology that could end up saving you your No Claims Bonus, money, time and hassle in case one of your fleet is involved in a traffic accident or a target of Crash for Cash Fraud. Some insurers now even reward Dash Cam users with discount on their insurance!



Prove fault in an incident

With video footage, as a motorist or fleet manager can clearly see who was at fault in the incident – whether it was day or night. Such accuracy can save commercial vehicle owners thousands in excess and split liability claims.

With video footage, as a motorist or fleet manager, you can clearly see who was at fault in the incident – the footage can then be sent to friends, family, your insurance company or even police, remotely from your smartphone on the free MyNextbase app available on IOS and Android. Most insurance companies now accept Dash Cam footage as evidence in claims and many even encourage the use of Dash Cams by offering an insurance discount to those that use them. Dash Cams have proven themselves extremely useful in many cases where the Dash Cam owner has not been the one involved in an incident but has instead captured the incident. With more and more people using Dash Cams, the higher the likelihood that incidents will be captured by someone else on the road which can also greatly help in insurance cases.

Get back on the road faster

Whether it’s your drivers fault or not, by having the video footage from a Nextbase Dash Cam, the claims process can be reduced from months, to a just a few days. Meaning your vehicles can be back on the road, faster.

With footage previously taking the police 14 hours to receive, view, and process each piece of footage. It now takes about 15 minutes to send footage into the Nextbase Dash Cam Safety Portal, having already saved the police an estimated 68,000 manhours in one year. This is similarly the case with insurers, who also must receive, view and process footage, where if there is no Dash Cam footage, they would have to get each person’s account of what happened and other information, and this could weeks or even months. The speed and reliability of video evidence in an insurance case means you are more likely to get your vehicle back on the road much quicker. This is a hugely favourable factor towards fleet managers and companies investing in Dash Cams for their vehicles as it significantly minimises the opportunity cost of having a vehicle off the road.

Protect your business against fraud

Honest motorists are taking the financial and emotional hit from scams. Reports suggest that criminals are targeting fleet vehicles so the need for an independent witness is the height of importance.

Honest motorists are taking the financial and emotional hit from scams. Reports suggest that criminals are targeting fleet vehicles so the need for an independent witness is the height of importance. One of many cases is a cyclist whom took out his road rage out on a chauffer’s expensive vehicle, scraping his pedals across the hood of the vehicle before cycling off, causing £1500 worth of damage. Due to the footage his Dash Cam captured he has been able to prove to his insurer he was not at fault and claim back the cost of the repairs. Send your footage directly to the local police force via the Nextbase National Dash Cam Safety Portal, where police review footage and create cases for those which require police attention. The police were able to prosecute more than 1,200 drivers filmed breaking the law via footage uploaded to the portal.

Save money on insurance

As well as the exclusive Nextbase 15% off any van or fleet insurance policy purchased through, motorists who can prove that an incident wasn’t their fault are protected from premium increases.

SureThing, in partnership with Nextbase, offer a 25% discount to all Nextbase Dash Cam users. AXA offer 10% discount off insurance along with 10% off a Nextbase Dash Cam. Furthermore, swiftcover off 12.5% discount when you use a Nextbase Dash Cam you are now able to reduce the cost of your insurance. After initial insurance savings, if you are ever in an incident that wasn’t your fault, Dash Cam footage can be used to prove this and help you win your insurance case and save your No Claims Discount.
Nextbase have found over 40 major insurers that all accept Dash Cam footage as evidence in a road traffic accident. Ensure you and your No Claims Bonus are protected! With Nextbase Series 2 Dash Cams, you can now directly send the footage to your insurer straight from your smartphone just minutes after the incident occurred. This way the review of your case can start quickly and ensure the right people have the footage. Which? surveyed more than two thousand British motorists that have made an insurance claim in the past two years, finding that 18% used a Dash Cam as evidence in their claim.

Our Product Range For Business

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Which Dash Cam Suits My Needs?


  • If the answer is yes, you are after a 322GW, 422GW or 522GW – GW stands for GPS & Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi enables you to download and share files directly to your smartphone. You can then share the footage with your family, friends, insurance provider or the police. The GPS feature means there is a speed stamp and location stamp on the recordings – this can be vital in the case of an incident.

  • Rear Camera Modules are very popular when equipping fleets of vehicles, courtesy cars and private transportation vehicles. Compatible Dash Cams are the 322GW, 422GW and 522GW Dash Cams.

  • The Rear Window Camera sticks to the rear window and is the best at capturing what happens directly behind your vehicle with an impressive 140° Viewing Angle.

    The Rear View Camera plugs directly into the side of your Dash Cam, it is easy to install and very discreet. It shows a view much like you would see through your rear-view mirror.

    The Cabin View Camera also plugs directly into the side of your Dash Cam, it is easy to install and very discreet. It is designed for those who want to capture what is happening in the back seats of the car as well as out the back and side windows, ideal for taxis, Ubers, etc.

    All RRP £409.00

  • If you would like Emergency SOS you will need to look at Nextbase Series 2 322GW / 422GW / 522GW.

  • Alexa means your drivers can keep their hands on the wheel while still being able to communicate using their phone hands-free. Our 422GW and 522GW have Alexa!

  • Yes, you will need one to store footage that your Dash Cam has recorded. Our Dash Cams do not come with an SD card, you can choose between a 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB SD card. Nextbase have put a lot of effort towards researching and developing their SD cards, ensuring they are designed to work perfectly with our Dash Cams, where other SD cards do not.

  • The 32GB microSD card records approx. 4 hours of Dash Cam footage, or 2 hours if using a Rear Camera Module. 64GB records approx. 8 hours, or 4 hours with Rear Module. 128GB records 16 hours, or 8 hours with Rear Module. If you have your smartphone set up with the MyNextbase Connect app the footage can also be seen here.

  • We strongly advise that you use a Nextbase SD card. Nextbase have put years of research and development into the creation of an SD card that is unrivalled when it comes to fulfilling the needs of a Dash Cam. Other SD cards don’t have the capabilities to work with Dash Cams as they are designed to primarily READ data rather than WRITE data. Whereas Dash Cams WRITE data rather than READ data, meaning other SD cards often can’t WRITE data quick enough and often the cannot re-WRITE over the oldest recordings which is a vital capability you need from your SD card when using a Nextbase Dash Cam.

  • Yes, you will need to buy one for each Dash Cam you are purchasing. Our team of fitters hardwire all Dash Cams they install – this is the best way to ensure top performance of our Dash Cams and leave your vehicles with a free cigarette lighter socket for you drivers to use.

  • If you would like a Reflection Free Lens worth £20 inbuilt into your Dash Cam, then you need a 522GW. Reflection Free Lens minimise windscreen glare and reflection and enhances colour and contrast in sunlight to help capture important details such as number plates. No compatible with the 522GW (already in-built), 300W and 380GW.

Modules & Accessories

Let's get you started

Contact our Sales team

Contact our Sales team

Before you place an order please call a member of our sales team to discuss our range of products and accessories that you might want to install in your vehicles. We would love to help and make sure you’re buying the right products for your needs; discuss quantities you are looking to purchase and answer any questions you may have.

02031 950 877

The installation process

The installation process

We use a team of trusted, professional fitters who install our Dash Cams throughout the UK. We endeavour to have your fleet fitted within a week of your purchase. In order for our team to install your order, you must have purchased a Hardwire Kit and an SD card per Dash Cam. To discuss and arrange a fitting please organise a callback.

Fitted within a week

Organising a call back

Organising a call back

After making an order of Nextbase Dash Cams for your vehicles please email our sales team to organise a call back to discuss availability for the installation of your Dash Cam. We endeavour to call you back within 24 hours.

[email protected]

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