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300W Dash Cam

Designed specifically for use in fleet and commercial vehicles the Nextbase 300W dash cam is discrete, simple to fit and offers full 1080P HD footage with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Small and discrete the 300W is ideal for all fleet and commercial vehicles

Fitting easily onto a car, van or lorry windscreen the Nextbase 300W dash cam is perfect for keeping your drivers safe on the road.

On the top of the camera the 3M adhesive fixes directly onto the glass allowing the camera to record in full 1080p HD, with a 140 degree wide angle view of the whole road ahead. With a rotating lens the 300W is suitable for all angles of windscreen. The inbuilt Wi-Fi allows you to easily transfer videos straight to a smartphone or tablet (Apple and Android) without the hassle of connecting to a PC, with a special fleet manager option providing full editing and video management services.

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300W Dash Cam




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