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Wide Viewing Angle

All of the new Nextbase Series 2 Dash Cams allow you to capture the whole road ahead, ensuring you are protected on your journey. There are two different viewing angle options available.

120 Degrees

The entry-level 122 dash cam captures video with a viewing angle of 120 degrees. This is enough to see the whole road and is ideal for any driver.

140 Degrees

From the 222 model and up the viewing angle increases to 140 degrees. This means that you are able to capture a more detail either side, such as the pavements and road signs.

Given this, you might think that it would be even better to go to 160 or even 180 degree lenses, but in reality there is a “sweet spot” where the viewing angle is wide but the images of cars in front of you are not distorted. As soon as you go above around 150 degrees with a lens this distortion makes dash cam videos fairly unusable for evidence. This is why we believe that using a high quality lens with a clear image and a wide view is the best option.

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