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Nextbase Cam Viewer App

Nextbase Cam Viewer is a free dash cam app available for both Android and IOS users. It’s designed to work will all Wi-Fi enabled Nextbase Dash Cams (312GW, 380GW, 412GW, 512GW, 612GW, Mirror and Duo HD). The Android and iPhone Dash Cam app allows you to download and share footage instantly onto your mobile or tablet device. Cam Viewer is available to download for free via Apple App Store (requires IOS 10.3 or later) and Google Play Store (requires Android 5.1 and up).

App Features

The app acts as a personal storage point for all your video and photo files. With the aid of inbuilt Wi-Fi, you can share footage with family, friends, an insurance provider or the police. It can be helpful if you instantly want to send footage over to your insurance provider, without having to go home and connect to a PC. Footage can be shared with your insurance provider using the share icon and then the “Private Share” option, which will provide a download link, available for 30 days. Clips can also be shared to various social media options including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo, as well as with Nextbase.

Dash Cam Live View

Cam Viewer allows you to stream compressed versions of the files before saving the full resolution video. The Dash Cam will record a High Res and a Low Res file, which makes the process of sending larger video files a lot faster. There is no need to use your own mobile data, the Dash Cam and Mobile Device establish its own Nextbase Wi-Fi connection once the Wi-Fi feature is turned on for the cam. The app will also show a live view of the Dash Cam which can be helpful in determining the positioning of the Dash Cam on the windscreen to give the best view of the road ahead and adjusting the positioning of the lens if needed.

Record important stats

The app has been updated to show important statistical information on the screen, such as the speed and distance travelled for downloaded clips. Further options on Cam Viewer include tracking information with the maps feature on Google Maps and a third tab showing G-Force data, which can be all important in the event of an accident and when sharing footage. Settings for the Dash Cam can now also be altered via the app and features can be turned on/off including audio recording and time & date stamps.

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