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HD resolution

Through the Nextbase Series 2 range there are different options for recording resolution

720P HD - 30fps

The 122 Dash Cam records at 720p resolution, with a full 30 frames per second. This is also known as Standard HD and is similar to normal HD TV broadcast quality.

1080p HD - 30FPS/60fps

The 222 and 322GW models record in a higher resolution of 1080p (1980×1080 pixels), with the 322GW able to record at a higher 60 frames per second to make the videos smoother than ever before. This also means that there are twice the number of frames every second to capture important number plate detail.

1440p - 30fps

The 422GW and 522GW dash cams in the Series 2 range record at 1440p at 30frames per second. This higher quality recording is known as Quad HD and is four times the definition of standard HD. This means that there is 4 times the number of pixels (2560×1440 pixels) and therefore the images are sharper and more defined. This means that you can read number plates and detail at a greater distance and also zoom in on detail without losing quality.

For the 422GW and 522GW models they also have the option of recording at 1080p (60fps) and 720p should you wish.

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