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Our customer service team is on hand provide reassurance whenever you need it. If you need to speak to us our UK-based support centre is open 11 hours a day, 364 days of the year. It’s why we’re the country’s best-selling manufacturer of Dash Cams.

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It’s a fact that drivers with a Dash Cam take more care driving than those without. And here at Nextbase, we’re working directly with the UK’s police forces to help make our roads safer. So when you’re planning your next car journey, think about taking us with you.

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  • A Dash Cam is an in-car camera that records the road ahead while you’re driving. It’s a fact of life that, while accidents on the road are unexpected, they’re not uncommon. It means that more and more drivers are making sure their cars are equipped with our discreet Dash Cams, ensuring you have an independent witness throughout your journey.

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  • Whether you love your gadgets or have no tech experience whatsoever, we make our Dash Cams accessible to all. For a start, the Dash Cams work straight out of the box, meaning no software to install or features to programme. Then there’s our Click & Go powered magnetic mount, which can be affixed to your windscreen in seconds, leaving the Dash Cam completely wireless to be attached and removed as and when you require.

  • It will all depend on your budget and personal preferences, but given that a Dash Cam’s fundamental job is to record your journey should you ever require an independent witness in the event of an accident, then the main consideration should be the image quality of the video. Here at Nextbase, our Dash Cams boast the best possible footage while remaining easy to install and use, providing you the safety and reassurance you need while you’re on the road.

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  • We have a range of Dash Cams to suit all budgets and preferences, starting with our entry-model 112 Dash Cam at £49.99, all the way up to the best-in-class 4k resolution 612GW at £249.99. It’s true that you’ll see some Dash Cams priced lower, such as those sold at petrol stations, but it’s unlikely that they’ll provide the image and video quality required to record key information such as number plates in the event of an accident.