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Parking Mode

What is parking mode?

Parking Mode can be used to record any physical movement on the vehicle from your dash cam when a vehicle is left unattended. This will record a protected file to ensure the footage is not overwritten by any further footage recorded after the incident.

With the G-Sensor technology, Parking Mode can record footage if someone bumps into your vehicle when unattended and leaves the scene, this can be crucial evidence when filing a claim with your insurance company for any damage left to your vehicle. Parking Mode can also act as a deterrent against any theft and damage whilst away from your vehicle.

What are the different parking modes available?

There are two parking modes dependant on model; intelligent parking mode or normal parking mode. Intelligent Parking Mode is featured on the Nextbase 412GW models and up.

Intelligent Parking Mode can be turned on via the menu settings for the Dash Cam. It will put the cam into standby mode after five minutes of inactivity. The dash cam will then power on and record a two-minute protected file when physical movement of the vehicle is detected. This can result from the car being bumped into or a door being shut. If no further physical movement is detected it will then enter standby mode, or continue to record another two minute file if the cam has been activated. This is designed to work on the Dash Cams inbuilt battery, therefore meaning a hardwire installation or a connection to a live source is not required.

What is the battery consumption of a dash cam in parking mode?

Whilst the Dash Cam is in stand-by mode waiting to detect a movement on the forward, backwards, or left and right axis it draws a miniscule amount of power from its internal battery, 1.2mA (0.0012A). The camera’s internal battery could sustain this standby mode for prolonged periods, even whilst you were on holiday, leaving the car for several days.

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