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What are new drivers’ biggest fears?

Learn more about the most feared aspects of driving and how Dash Cams can help improving road safety and overall driving behaviour.

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How does UK car insurance work?

In order to drive a vehicle in the UK you must have motor insurance. Find out how car insurance works and what you can do to reduce your premium.

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The UK’s most dangerous roads in 2018

Discover the breakdown of incidents on UK roads in 2018. Which road was the biggest offender? It could be surprising..

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The best Dash Cam in 2019: protect yourself and your car

You might be asking yourself, “What is a Dash Cam?”. The simple answer is a security camera which protects your vehicle…

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Seven tips to protect your car from thieves

Cars are typically the 2nd most expensive item people own, it is so important you know how to protect your vehicle from theft and damage, especially when the vehicle is left unattended.

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What is Vision Zero and how can Nextbase Dash Cams help?

Vision Zero is a systematic action plan aimed at ending deaths and major injuries on the roads of major cities in the UK, USA, Canada…

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Tips, tricks and how to's

Do dashcams reduce insurance?

Find out how dash cams can save you money on your insurance premium and how to protect yourself against crash for cash fraud!

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What is a Dash Cam, and how do they work?

Check out our guide to learn about the types of dash cams and why they are necessary for your journeys.

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Dash cams are making us all better drivers

David Williams, national motor journalist and road safety award-winner Fortunately I haven’t been involved in any incidents (the main reason […]

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Customer Videos

A selection of videos recorded by our customers on their Nextbase Dash Cams

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